Monday, November 21, 2011

Yealink and DECT?

I remember that Yealink had a DECT phone “W52”. It is not unusual that Yealink takes a look at what snom does, and then comes out with something similar. It looked like they did this also after snom came up with the m9.

Anyway, when I searched for Yealink and DECT, there was a press announcement and you can even buy it on the internet. However the price seemed to be unusually high, so it seems that Yealink abandoned the product. Is that right? Maybe someone out there can comment on this.

If they really abandon the product, this raises questions. Was the volume not high enough to keep the product alive? Does Yealink instead plan to come out with a WiFi phone to address cordless, even though snom did not do this yet? I can hardly imagine that Yealink ignores the cordless space. Let’s see, maybe there is a W53 coming around the corner.

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