Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Where is my handset?!

Mobility is a feature, but it can also be a problem. Where did I put the handset? Because the handset does not have a cord to the base station, it is easy to displace it. The m9 has a couple of features to locate the handset.

The first one you might have seen in the web interface. There is a button called “locate handsets”. What this button does it to call all registered handsets. So if still both of your ears work properly, you will be able to figure out where your handsets are (an amazing feature of the brain to locate audio sources in the room).The problem with this procedure is that it is quite disturbing, especially at night. If you belong to those who use the m9 at home, you want another way to locate your handset in the dark.

The answer is that the handsets shortly turns the handset key backlight on, so that you can see it.

This can be disturbing. The answer to that problem is to just put you handset down with the keyboard to the table, and then the visual disturbance should be minimized. You can also turn the blinking off from the handset menu. I believe there was a bug in the old versions; hopefully it was fixed in the meantime.

It is debatable what should be the default. Apart from the visual disturbance, it actually does suck battery power. Right now the default is to it on. I assume that is a kind of feature advertisement. For those who don’t need it, it is probably a good idea to turn it off.

The other way to locate your specific handset is to just call it from another phone.

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