Monday, August 15, 2011

Finding your handset

When you use the m9 in a dark room, you might have noticed that it turns the background light for the keys on from time to time. This is not a bug; this is supposed to find your handset in a dark room. Not sure if this is useful in y typical office environment, but it is useful e.g. when you use it at home. It does put additional load on the battery though. There is a way to turn it off (in the menu, choose Preferences and then Display, Backlight). When I select “Activate” the lights go steady, however not sure if that feature got lost in translation or there is a smart reason for calling it this way. Anyway.

Another way to find the handset is to log into the web interface of the m9, and there you go to the DECT tab. There is a button called “locate handsets”. This will ring all handsets that are currently registered to the base station. This is not what you want to do at home when the kids are sleeping; but for the administrator trying to find out which handsets are registered this is a good way.

The other classic to find your handset is to call it directly. We know this from finding your cell phone. Good news is that the DECT handset has a good chance to stay up for a longer time, a couple of days if you don’t decide to leave the backlight on all the time.

All methods have in common that the handset battery must be okay and the device must be turned on. There is little we can do about that!


  1. I actually kinda like the blinking keypad, so i'm not complaining. Besides, most cell phone also have the same feature.

  2. Although selecting "Activate" stops the keypad flashing, it does then force the display backlight to stay on (albeit very dimly) all of the time - even when the phone is idle.

    Is there no way to make the handset stay completely dark when it's not in use?

  3. For that you should use the latest build (which is still beta) 9.6.4 and update the handset. Then you can the display completely off and also the blinking.

  4. Thank you for such a quick response!
    At the moment the latest firmware on the Snom website seems to be 9.6.2 - is there somewhere I can download 9.6.4, or do you know roughly when the release date might be?