Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Welcome to the snom m9 blog

I wanted to share with you what we are doing on the snom m9 side, what kind of new features we have, how to use DECT in VoIP, what we discovered, tips and tricks and so on. I thought it would be useful for those who are using this device, have to install it, have to maintain it. There is still the snom forum, if you have questions about how to get it working. But a blog is probably a better way for sending infomation out into the Internet. Of course you are also welcome to comment.

The m9 is not a new product any more, and it did take some firmware versions to get it into a shape that you can use in everyday's life. That's why the title "the whole 9 yards" seems approriate to me. At least it was not 9 years!

I work for snom. So don't blame me for saying too many good things about the snom m9! But apart from the usual marketing stuff you find in blogs written by company employees, I hope I can provide some interesting information as well.

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