Friday, December 16, 2011

Simple transfer like in the good old days

In the old days we were using a DECT system for the company (there was no VoIP at this time). I don’t recall ever putting a call on hold ever in my life before, but I do recall that I did a transfer. However not by using buttons on the handset, just physically: It was more a handover than a transfer. I just walked over to the person that should get the call and gave him my handset.

While that sounds antic, it was very productive (probably because this was a small office). While walking I could still talk, thanks to the cordless nature of DECT. Then before the transfer, I could visually verify that the transfer target was ready to take the call. Then the handover was also very simple, just physically pass the device into the hand of the target. The only problem was that after he finished the call, I wanted the handset back. This probably explains why DECT handsets get displaced to easily (the m9 has a function to locate all handsets to address this problem).

Key systems also used to be very productive. Unfortunately those systems were not in the favor of the IETF standardization committee and it is impossible to implement that with the existing standards. Seems like in the old days life was sometimes easier.

Anyway. Maybe nobody needs these features anymore because you cannot walk into the other person’s office any more if you are working from home. That’s something you could not do in the good old times!

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